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Hovatek - How to fix / repair corrupt memory card, SD card or USB drive

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How_to_fix_or_repair_corrupt_memory_card_SD_card_or_USB_drive.jpg How to fix / repair corrupt memory card, SD card or USB drive

Posted on Wed, 12 Feb 2014 16:08:50 +0100

    There are quite a number of reasons why your SD card, memory card or USB drive could get corrupt; ranging from virus to not using the 'safely remove' process before pulling it out. A corrupt memory could be characterized by:
There are some physical problems that might be wrong with the card:
1. The leads, the metal stripes on the card that pass data onto your camera or card reader, are worn down heavily.
How you can tell: Take a careful look with a magnifying glass and see if they are discolored(grey, copper) instead of the gold color they should be.
How to fix it: Manually re-solder new leads and read the data off the card normally.
2. The card's controller or electronic components are fried.
How you can tell: Well if you can't recognize the drive at all with software and the leads are fine, the only problem remaining is the card physically / electronically.
How to fix it: Remove the flash chip(s) from the card and re-solder them onto a custom imaging board to reconstruct the data.
3. Your sd card has file system corruption.
How you can tell: Use free or commercial data recovery software (some listed below) to attempt to image your card. If you can't access the drive with the help of the software, then it's not just a logical corruption problem.
How to fix it: Image the drive and scavenge the data, fix corrupted data if possible.
Some solutions to software related corruption of SD card, memory card or USB drive

>>> If your SD card, memory card or USB is totally corrupt / inaccessible by your device, Press the windows button > Search for computer management > Go to disk management > Right click on the SD card, memory card or USB drive from the list at the top and select your desired repair option.
>>> If your SD card, memory card or USB is still totally corrupt / inaccessible by your device after the previous step and you are wondering how to get data from memory card, TestDisk is just the data recovery software you need.
>>> So how can i format my memory card ? If you've tried formatting your SD card, memory card or USB drive and get the 'Windows could not format this drive' error SD Formatter is well known to do the trick.
>>> "How do I recover my memory card"? If you have formatted your SD card, memory card or USB device and wish to know how to retrieve formatted sd card, you need a data recovery software to help you recover deleted files now that you have a formatted sd card, memory card or USB drive. Icare Data Recovery Software is just the recovery software you need to recover your deleted files.
>>> When your files are missing or corrupted to invalid shortcuts like porn, sexy etc, and you wish to know how to recover the memory card data, here's a guide on how to recover your files from a corrupt memory card or USB device
>>> In a case where files you send to your SD card, memory card or USB drive get corrupt or just don't work on your device, you need to fix it by going to my computer >right-clicking on the SD card or USB drive > selecting 'properties' > Tools > use both the 'check' and 'Defragment' tools. You could also use the 'CHDSK' method by pressing the windows button > searching for cmd.exe > Running it as admin (right-click) > typing chkdsk E: /r (where E is the drive letter of the storage device which you can check under 'My computer')
>>> Another approach is to fixing a mildly corrupt SD card, memory card or USB drive is to format it in FAT format. To do this, right-click on the storage device > select format > choose FAT from the drop-down > begin format.
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