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Hovatek - How to fix / repair a corrupt, nuked or crashed Blackberry Operating System Software (OS).

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How_to_update_or_re-install_a_corrupt_or_crashed_blackberry_software_(OS).jpg How to fix / repair a corrupt, nuked or crashed Blackberry Operating System Software (OS).

Posted on Wed, 12 Feb 2014 16:00:05 +0100

    A crashed , nuked or corrupt Blackberry operating system is nothing out of the blues so don't panic if you find yourself in such a situation; afterall, its something you are most likely to come across sooner or later as you use your Blackberry anyway. I, for one, have lost count of how many times i have had to re-install my nuked or crashed Blackberry OS. It would either be that my Blackberry wont turn on , i would get a white blackberry screen with error codes (error 1xx, 2xx, 5xx, 6xx etc) or my Blackberry would freeze a lot or get annoyingly slow. Good thing I used to regularly backup my blackberry contacts.
What is a Blackberry Operating System Software (OS)?
A Blackberry OS is a software which controls every hardware and software componenet of your Blackberry, and also how they communicate with each other and other devices you connect to, either via your Blackberry cord, wifi, bluetooth, etc. Without the Backberry Operating System, your Blackberry can't function because every thing your use on your Blackberry is presented to you and controlled by the operating system. Blackberry operating systems usually come in versions like 4.x.x , 5.x.x , 6.x.x , and so naturally, an OS 4.22.123 would be lower than 4.22.600 . In each upgrade, Blackberry corrects certain flaws in previous versions and integrates newer functionalities / features so its a good idea you upgrade your Blackberry Operating System (OS) regularly.
What does it mean for a Blackberry Operating System Software (OS) to crash, get corrupt or nuked?
As the Blackberry operating system is a software, it has a good chance of encountering either a run-time error (an error encountered while executing a task) or other errors which could make it malfunction or act in ways it was not intended to act. The term 'crash' , 'corrupt' or 'nuke' tells your that the error which the OS has encountered is rather serious and would either have to be restarted in other to flush the errors ( as indicated in a freezing, hanging or a very slow Blackberry) , refreshed or replaced (as indicated in a white Blackberry screen).
What could cause a Blackberry Operating System Software (OS) to crash, get corrupt or nuked?
There are quite a number of reasons why a Blackberry OS could crash entirely ( white blackberry screen or not turning on ) or malfunction ( freezing or very slow Blackberry). Some common reasons are: How do i know that a Blackberry Operating system software (OS) has crashed?
The most common things you would hear from people with crashed, nuked or corrupt Blackberry OSs are "My Blackberry wont turn on" or "How do i update my blackberry software". A white Blackberry screen, a Blackberry not booting into the home screen or a freezing / very slow Blackberry are other signs of a crashed or corrupt Blackberry OS.
Can my important Blackberry contacts, files and other stuff be recovered after my Blackberry Operating system software (OS) has crashed?
Regardless of the type of Blackberry OS crash, your files on your SD card (memory card) will not be affected. Your Blackberry contacts, phone contacts and all other things stored on your phone memory; however, have a slim chance of being recovered if the crash is very serious ( as in the case of a white Blackberry screen). It is advisable you regularly backup your blackberry contacts.
Will my Blackberry still function normally after I have fixed the crashed Blackberry OS issue?
Yes, your Blackberry should function normally if you follow the right steps while re-freshing or updating the OS.
What would i need to fix my crashed Blackberry OS?
How do i fix my crashed , corrupt or nuked Blackberry OS?

There are two major approaches.
I guess what's ringing at the back of your mind is " how do i update my blackberry software"? "Maybe i should just find a way to download blackberry device software and blackberry desktop manager". This might seem like a two in one solution ( fix and upgrade) but believe me when i tell you that refreshing your OS is the more advisable method in fixing a crashed Blackberry OS because it is safer, easier and faster. If it fails, then you can push to upgrade or downgrade your Blackberry OS.
Here's how to refresh your Blackberry Device Software (OS):
Using JL_Cmder Using BBSAK
AFter my crashed Blackberry OS has been fixed, how can i avoid future occurence?
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